"Wall Body" at my Spring Studio Sale May 16-17

Wall Body

Here's something different that you'll find at my Spring Sale. The image above is a "Wall Body." I made the original form for this slip cast mold in Tainan, Taiwan. I shipped that original up to Yingge, where a factory made the 3 part plaster slip mold for me. I used that mold to cast forms for most of my sculptures that I made while I was in Taiwan.

I brought that slip mold home from Taiwan in my carry-on bag. I thought it would be a fun idea to cast that mold to make individual wall pieces. You might remember the fingers from my last sale? This is the same size and type of fun thing that you can just stick on your wall anywhere. I've made about 10 of these little guys for the sale, and they will be available at a fun price of $25 each.

The image below is a picture of a wall piece I made in Taiwan and had shipped back. It is in my studio now, and yes it is for sale..... for a little bit more than 25 ;-)

Land Body 17